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Military Customs And Courtesies Essay

Olson, mesh model by or about nova scotians. Troj76 date of the various typographical schemes used in the romantic era. Good human relations are based from courteous behavior. This discipline and good relations is even instilled in us as children. When we were young our parents taught us to address elders as sir or mam.

This is a courtesy we use today to address officers. Courtesy is an integral part of serving in uniform.

The Importance of Customs and Courtesies in the Army Essay

It should be known though, Military courtesy is a two way street and should be practiced back and forth through the ranks. It is a privilege for an officer to be saluted by the lower enlisted, not a chore of those lower enlisted.

For military courtesy, mutual respect is a vital part. It is exampled in FM Though the lower enlisted did not salute the officer was still required to render a salute to the lower enlisted. This is because, as said before, it is not a chore of the lower enlisted to salute, it is a privilege and the salute goes both ways as a sign of respect. A soldier does not have to salute when working, is indoors, or when there are hands are full.

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Times when a service member should salute include; to uncased National colors outdoors, at reveille and retreat ceremonies, and when turning over control of formations. There are many other courtesies in our army. Some are more practiced than others.

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Lack of this in a unit is a lack in discipline. There are courtesies listed in FM For example, when an officer enters a room the first service member to notice is supposed to call the room to attention.

This courtesy seems to only be held to the commander of a troop or unit and not to any other officers i. Courtesies have the right to change over time, as is exampled.

Learn about the famous quotes, customs, and traditions of the USMC.

One known instance of this is the case of the hand salute. When it was first implemented, in the late Roman Empire assassinations were common, and If a citizen wanted to see a public official they were to raise there right hand to show that they came unarmed. Later Knights would raise the visor to their helmets in a show of respect to other knights. When entering or exiting a vehicle the higher ranking member is required to be the last to enter and the first to exit.