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Regional assessment of the quality control, food safety, environmental, user perception and marketing outlets of diverting food scraps from landfills. Persistence of enteric pathogens in manure-amended soils in northeast U. In Fall , they established a field experiment to quantify survival of E.

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Data will be used to inform the Food Safety Modernization Act. The goal of the project is to explore how the insect and microbial ecology of bedded pack housing and pasture may influence ectoparasite prevalence, the dairy cow mammary gland microbiome and mastitis risk on a pasture-based dairy farm. Funding: Barlow, J. Preliminary results from gourmet mushroom trials have shown high yields when cultivated using substrate recipes including solid digestate.

ROAR co-founder Eric Roy is partnering with The Rich Earth Institute and others to: a map the flows of nitrogen and phosphorus to wastewater systems across New England, b use transdisciplinary methods to evaluate spatial trends, and c calculate the potential for recycling interventions to offset synthetic fertilizer given local constraints.

In , they conducted a demonstration project to show that compost made to recipe kills plant pathogens and weed seeds. Since then, we are evaluating compost recipe and process for its ability to suppress soilborne plant pathogens. Resulting publications: Neher, D. Peripherally, she has also done work exploring hunger, food insecurity, and nutrition as it relates to behavioral health and metabolic functioning.

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Merelise is also a part-time master's student in the Public Health program at UVM and interested in the development of public policies that support child emotional and behavioral health. Outside of the lab, Merelise volunteers as a Spanish-English translator and on community restorative justice panels. For leisure, she enjoys skiing, biking, gardening, photography, hanging out with cats, and exploring the natural beauty and delicious food in Vermont!


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Her program of research seeks to better understand developmental psychopathology, and the physiological and environmental factors which influence child development and emotional-behavioral health. She is particularly interested in how such work may inform evidence-based prevention and intervention. Kerry has experience utilizing a variety of analytic techniques including structural equation modeling, factor analysis, and multilevel modeling.

Previous projects include examinations of the association between children's physical fitness and psychological well-being, and treatment outcome studies utilizing parent training and exercise prescriptions for both parents and children. He is currently working on a project comparing Theory of Mind abilities in children with ADHD and children with Autism, and his dissertation involves examining the influence of television pacing on attention and executive functioning.

Her program of research seeks to better understand transdiagnostic processes of mental health problems, using a multi-method approach, to improve classification and evidence-based intervention. To this end, she has utilized a variety of statistical methodologies to understand the development of behavior, including twin studies to estimate relative genetic and environmental influences, latent class and latent transition analysis to clarify phenotypic definitions, and structural equation modeling to examine theoretical models.

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Her dissertation seeks to explore the relation between internally motivated withdrawn behavior, defined by shyness and a preference for solitude, and sports participation. She has been a member of the lab team since May, Currently, Allison is working on her Senior Honors Thesis through the lab for which she is investigating the relationship between childhood secondhand tobacco exposure and the development of emotion recognition abilities.

Allison is passionate about healthcare and hopes to attend dental school in the future. She also wants to help SIDS governments to vanguard the cohesive development of urban farming ventures for the resilience of local communities. She believes that as the interest in land devoted to urban agriculture grows, strategies and policies that could support it while maximizing its socioeconomic returns are indispensable for the challenges of the 21st century.

Contact : mjuncos yorku.

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Twitter : aliankarim Contact : alia. He received his master degree in Cooperation and Development specialization in Environmental Economics from the University of Turin in , with a thesis on Alternative Food Networks in urban contexts. His research interests focus on the relationship between agri-food and socio-economic systems. Through the E4A program he aims to develop a new approach for the design of food policy for the Anthropocene.


Romain Svartzman is a Ph. Candidate at McGill University, Canada. His academic research aims to develop the field of ecological macroeconomics, at the crossroad between ecological economics and endogenous money approaches including post-Keynesian and institutionalist perspectives.