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Still very damaging for the psychological wellbeing of the victim because of suffered humiliation, often in public, in particular, if this occurs repeatedly as is often the case.

Verbal blustering involves insults, threats or might happen by itself or might accompany physical abuse, this could include name-calling, humiliating remarks in public. Threats deserve separate mention given that they are often very serious, for instance, killing threats. Given the extent of school shooting across the US, this gains even more weight.

Abuse occurs in person but also through text messages, social media, or other online means cyberbullying , which gained in our technological society.

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According to stopbulying. Everyone is at risk who differs from their peers through appearance, behavior, etc. To conclude, bullying may be very different by nature and effective coping with all these types requires thorough understanding. For instance, cyberbullying functions in accordance with entirely different rules compared to real-life blustering.

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  8. It is also important to know the extent or relative gravity of all these types to prioritize actions. In every school and in almost every class there are children who are the objects of ridicule. Sometimes open bullying by individual children or even the entire class.

    Bullying is an abuse form when a physically or mentally strong individual or group enjoys inflicting physical or psychological pain on a weaker person in a given situation. About this phenomenon started talking at the beginning of the last century abroad. The first publication on this topic appeared in in England. Since then the study and problem discussion have not subsided.

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    Cyber bullying is a multi-faced problem and definitions of this problem differ when made from the point of view of various disciplines.

    In other words, a young person, usually a teen, is being bullied humiliated, harassed, threatened, ridiculed etc.