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Running away from home is the major step for even the most streetwise youth. Few runaways leave the comfort and familiarity of home without some compelling reasons.

These are often related to the domestic violence, sexual or physical abuse, drug problems, and other family dysfunctions. Many children leave home due to the school problems or other personal issues. Some children run away from the juvenile institutions after having already had a history of running away from home. Many runaways leave their homes in search of independence and safety from what they consider abusive treatment, whether emotional, sexual, or physical.

Boy Says He Wants To Run Away From Home And Officer's Heart Breaks When He Sees The Boy's Bedroom

Domestic violence plays a significant role in teenagers running away from home. The effects on children witnessing this domestic violence who are often victims, as well can be devastating, thus, leading many to flee the brutally and tension that they experience within the entire household.

The runaway teenagers who were exposed to the domestic violence are at risk for externalized behavioral problems such as substance abuse, aggressiveness, and noncompliance with school and parental requests, and internalized behavioral problems such as somatic complaints, withdrawal, low self esteem, anxiety. Thus, a lot of children move out of their houses to escape the violence.

The relationship between the child sexual and physical abuse is a reason for leaving home. Many runaways are sexually molested and abused at home, whereas other become victims of the severe child abuse.

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They do not tell anything but eventually they do disclose if they have been sexually abused. Most of the children doing the disclosing are the girls and they have run away to escape from the sexual abuse of their stepfathers, fathers, parental and maternal uncles. Most runaway girls are typically subjected to varying degrees of sexual abuse, from oral sex to fondling to finger, object and penile penetration.

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The sexual abuse and battery experienced by the young runaways can also be perpetrated by the boyfriends and others, with whom they are not intimately involved. Many teenagers have experienced sexual assaults from the intimates and acquaintances. Teenagers with the school-related problems are at high risk in terms of running away from home than teens that are well adjusted in school. At risk group of youths for running away include those who have poor grades in schools, are exposed to school-expulsions, social isolation from peers, and disciplinary problems in school or at home.

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Running Away From Home as a Teen

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