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He becomes the best friend of his parents. He understands their problems and actively supports his parents on their life journey.

With discipline, he inspires other fellow beings. He always tries to be best at his home, his colleagues and at his school. The gift of discipline shapes his personality very positively. He inspires other fellow students for being disciplined in their lives. Thirdly, the discipline has a great value for the future career of students in their lives. A disciplined student understands the importance of time management and future planning. He chooses wisely the way he needs to go.

He looks committed to his task.

Less Stress in Students’ Life Is Possible

He works hard to improve himself for his future career goals. In order to achieve what he wants to achieve in the future, a disciplined student knows exactly what things or work is important for him. Therefore, unlike other students who do not have clear future planning, a disciplined student knows very well about his achievements. Therefore, he becomes successful in achieving his career goals by practically applying discipline in his life.

Discipline is learned from the very start. It is the part and parcel of our lives. It is like a process that becomes a stronger habit in the course of time in our lives. Therefore, it is necessary that the child should be helped to adopt a disciplined life from the very start of life. I have learned that I really do have discipline, self-control, and patience.

Joyce Meyer. Discipline is very much important in our lives. We need the discipline to become successful in every step of our lives. Without discipline, life becomes disoriented and purposeless. Therefore, it is very much necessary to adopt discipline in our lives during the time of being students. With proper implementation and application discipline would bring success in our lives.

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Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. It makes them have something worth studying for, For example my friend Bryan Garcia does not like school or work but he is always looking for ways to make his grades better so that he may play with the John F. Most of them benefited from education when they were students. The inequalities. The answer is that the accepting college education offers chances to graduates, which are more widespread to those who have the levels of senior high education or less.

Most of people understand that they desire to accept a college education, but they do not know why or how it would fulfill their lives. The education they receive will offer life skills and provide them with positive reinforcement to change their lives for the better; while restructuring the way some think and continue through life and society through making proper choices and better role models.

While in prison, education would provide a crucial key for inmate rehabilitation. Part of that rehabilitation can be in the form of education.

Education in. Education Makes Life Better! Essay Words 5 Pages. It should be seen as vital as the air we breathe.

What to Bring to College

The key to a healthy mind and a successful person is learning. His quote reiterates that the competitive world makes it essential for us to have a proper education since it will serve as our weapon to conquer the world. Education will help a person grow as an individual because a highly knowledgeable person will have a better grip on handling any problem that comes his or her way. Literacy is the foundation of what we are as individuals.

Every decision we make, as well as our thought process, is the basis of what we know. The lack of motivation and family values, as well as student responsibility, has created this crisis in the education system. In addition, insufficient funding of schools along with quality teachers that are retiring are some of the problems we encounter in the education system.

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In some parts of the United States, there is a lack of adequate access to materials for reading and writing due to budget constraints. In Allen D. This resulted in larger class sizes, programs are cut, and over 30, educators laid off. These teachers are very valuable in our society because they provide our youth with the knowledge and social experiences that they will use to better their future and the future of the entire world.

School Life is the Best Life

As a student, I have suffered the consequences of triple digit fee increases and the lack of available classes offered. The high cost of education has put the burden not only on the students, and many of their parents, but educators, as. Show More. Read More. Why Is Education Valuable?

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