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Go forward and make your dreams come true. This has nothing to do with unrealistic and wishful thinking but it has everything to do with concrete thought, feeling, belief and action.

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Far too many dreams will deflate at this stage and it is best for you to know and become acutely aware of the dangers of giving up. If you do not believe in your life and your plans, you will not succeed in them. You have to trust in you before you can trust others and others can trust you.

A strong unwavering belief is hard to accomplish but very worth the effort. Bring the dream in your attention consistently and allow the thought and the feeling to become a powerful force of imagination in your consciousness. You will reach a point with the power of your belief that the only place to move is with implementation because your belief is set in stone and the only possible motion is forward, and the idea and the expectation cannot be revoked anymore.

Are you desperate enough for success of your goals and do you hold very strong beliefs? If yes, your success is imminent. Remember that skill and ability and will only make for part of the puzzle. If you are on a seesaw as many of us have been when we were children, you need to be sure that the counter weight is pulling you back up and not keeping you permanently down in your corner.

Self-sabotage is one of the biggest reasons why people give up and fail. The hesitation to move into something bigger. You stand on the shoulder of giants for one good reason: to jump from there and take the big leap yourself and join their ranks in excellence. The choice is between whether you will keep moving the path everyone else is taking to where you are assured of the outcome or will you choose to create one. Will you take the path that has not yet been created?

Of course, Emerson advises you leave a new trail in your wake and not take the path often travelled. And while you are trailblazing, remember that being yourself and expressing your authenticity will be a great challenge in your life. If you stay true to your authenticity, you have accomplished a great feat.

Remember that your job is to launch your life into the best self-expression and excellence possible. After that, you best leave it for the world to enjoy them or find faults with them, both of which are vital for your growth.

Transcendentalism : Ralph Waldo Emerson 's Self Reliance | Cram

In any field that you begin, you are going to really bad at it in the beginning. Many people want results quicker than life can offer them. And then they proceed to get offended and frustrated. It is like asking a finely aged wine to mature overnight, and it is like asking great coffee and tea to be ready in a second without brewing, and it is like getting results without the hard work and the trials.

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Life will humiliate and humble you and test you and make you feel like you know nothing before you move up the streams of mastery. The greatest artists and achievers know that they need to hone their skills till there is no one standing in the room that is better than them.

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This is not an ego driven enterprise but an interest and enthusiasm driven one where you would rather not do anything else. The major thing that distinguishes true passionate professionals from amateurs: practice, practice and more practice. When you do a thing, do it with all your might. Put your whole soul into it. Stamp it with your own personality.

Be active, be energetic, be enthusiastic and faithful, and you will accomplish your object.

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Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. While you are at it and increasing your skills and going at your niche, remember that one of the most potent life-force powers is enthusiasm. Enthusiasm turns a normal chore into an exciting project. Enthusiasm molds a skill into a burning passion. Enthusiasm changes an interest into a fascination. Enthusiasm transforms boredom into engagement.

Enthusiasm turns getting by into thriving. Enthusiasm breathes life into the ordinary to make it something extraordinary. Enthusiasm gently changes practice into a meditative flow. Enthusiasm whips the common into the miraculous. Enthusiasm transforms life into an extraordinary adventure. And while you are engaging your enthusiasm, feed your spirit the amazing nourishment of wonder and curiosity. Often, we lose our natural curiosity that we had as children due to all the conditioning that we receive.

You may begin to feel that asking questions and appearing wonder-eyed makes you look naive. Emerson teaches us that life does not really work that way. He declares that it is even surprising that we are not greatly surprised and amazed at the beauty all around us.

It is a state of awareness where the awareness is present but not really awake to the joy and wonder all around. This happens when people have tunnel visioned their awareness into a narrow window. When you allow preconceived notions to fall apart, you are confronted with the beauty and joy of pure awareness. A tree becomes something to marvel in and to explore because it is ever changing like life itself. The rain does not wash away the dirt the same way.

Many people learn skills, get degrees, find jobs and simply stagnate in what they are doing.

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The problem is that they eventually confront a deep sense of emptiness and non-satisfaction with their life. It may feel like everything is fine but still something is missing. DO something that is a bit beyond your comfort zone. Find what excites you and engage in that activity. Czar Alexander was more expansive, and wished to call the Pacific my ocean; and the Americans were obliged to resist his attempts to make it a close sea.

But if he had the earth for his pasture and the sea for his pond, he would be a pauper still. He only is rich who owns the day. There is no king, rich man, fairy or demon who possesses such power as that. The days are ever divine as to the first Aryans. They are of the least pretension and of the greatest capacity of anything that exists. They come and go like muffled and veiled figures, sent from a distant friendly party; but they say nothing, and if we do not use the gifts they bring, they carry them as silently away.

How the day fits itself to the mind, winds itself round it like a fine drapery, clothing all its fancies! Any holiday communicates to us its color. We wear its cockade and favors in our humor. The very stars in their courses wink to them of nuts and cakes, bonbons, presents and fire-works. Cannot memory still descry the old school-house and its porch, somewhat hacked by jack-knives, where you spun tops and snapped marbles; and do you not recall that life was then calendared by moments, threw itself into nervous knots of glittering hours, even as now, and not spread itself abroad an equable felicity?

In college terms, and in years that followed, the young graduate, when the Commencement anniversary returned, though he were in a swamp, would see a festive light and find the air faintly echoing with plausive academic thunders. In solitude and in the country, what dignity distinguishes the holy time! So, in the common experience of the scholar, the weathers fit his moods. A thousand tunes the variable wind plays, a thousand spectacles it brings, and each is the frame or dwelling of a new spirit. I used formerly to choose my time with some nicety for each favorite book. One author is good for winter, and one for the dog-days.

There are days when the great are near us, when there is no frown on their brow, no condescension even; when they take us by the hand, and we share their thought. There are days which are the carnival of the year. The angels assume flesh, and repeatedly become visible. The imagination of the gods is excited and rushes on every side into forms.

The days are made on a loom whereof the warp and woof are past and future time. They are majestically dressed, as if every god brought a thread to the skyey web. The blue sky is a covering for a market and for the cherubim and seraphim.

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Nature could no father go. It is singular that our rich English language should have no word to denote the face of the world. But nothing expresses that power which seems to work for beauty alone.

30 Ralph Waldo Emerson Quotes: Live Deeper, Not Longer

The Greek Kosmos did; and therefore, with great propriety, Humboldt entitles his book, which recounts the last results of science, Cosmos. The Hindoos represent Maia, the illusory energy of Vishnu, as one of his principal attributes. This element of illusion lends all its force to hide the values of present time. Who is he that does not always find himself doing something less than his best task?

How difficult to deal erect with them!