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These would include comprehensive bans on advertising and promotions, prominent warning labels, bans on smoking in public places and mass education and information. This will reduce the effect of secondary smoking by the public and the introduction to smoking of the young generation. What does this mean for the likely impact of taxes on long-term cigarette use? Price elasticity varies with the amount of time the consumer takes to respond to the price change Ranson, et al.

Generally demand becomes more elastic in the long run since the prices will increase at that time. For some cigarette smokers they may still continue with the smoking even after the prices have increased. In this case those addicted may opt to continue with the habit even after price increase; this means that the demand for cigarettes may reduce a little in the short run but later many people will have quit smoking.

In fact, this will affect the demand in the long run in view of the fact that many smokers are expected to have quit and less young adults are expected not to start smoking. The impact of taxes on the long term cigarette use is to increase the prices and reduce demand of the product. Once the cigarettes are taxed then the production costs increases which result to an increase in price.

This increase in price will result to a lower demand in the future since less people will be smokers.


This is however subject to the income of the people. According to Ranson et al. This is because low and middle income countries are more sensitive to price and thus the short run impact may be greater. Pride And Prejudice. History of the Computer Industry in America. Research Paper. Robert Browning.

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Price Elasticity of Demand

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Tellis, G. The price elasticity of selective demand: A meta-analysis of econometric models of sales. Journal of Marketing Research , Hughes, J. National Bureau of Economic Research.

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Andreyeva, T. The impact of food prices on consumption: a systematic review of research on the price elasticity of demand for food. Kau, J. Urban land value functions and the price elasticity of demand for housing. You can place an order similar to this with us.