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Though there are benefits of students having a cell phone on them for protection, there are too many cases in which individuals have become targets for street crime due to appearing distracted on a phone and vulnerable, or due to carrying a shiny electronic that a thief is likely to want. There are many arguments proposing that cell phones lessen the safety of college students; one of them is that cell phones attract the attention of robbers.

Thugs will be thugs. Their tastes change with the times and--surprise, surprise--mirror ours. Indeed it is no surprises that a mugger would be drawn to someone who appears to own valuable items. This reaction, in effect, should deter street muggings of phones, but there are reasons besides shininess that draw thieves to cell phones; besides taking away the allure of a jam-packed toy, this method saves phone owners from identity theft, another motivation behind many robberies.

Financial author Dave Ramsey purports that college students are particularly at risk for identity theft because of their naivety; in fact, the majority of identity theft occurs to people aged Dakss, Despite the obvious risks of walking around with a flashy cell phone looking distracted, there are safety benefits to having a phone available at all times: namely, having immediate contact with emergency lines when in trouble. The potential benefit of this depends on a number of factors, ranging from gender, class, and age to common sense how phones are used.

Although a factor such as the gender or age could make a difference in interpreting phone use statistically, researchers have found that, for example, people belonging to any given age group are certain to use their phones differently Pain et al. Though people with less income are less likely to go to college, unless they receive financial aid to help them pay for school , those who do attend college are still a large enough demographic that their behavior can be studied.

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The researchers found that although low-income college students are less likely to own a fancy smart phone, they are, paradoxically, more likely to be victims of theft in low-income areas, and therefore:. Pain et al.

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They determined that since women are less likely to feel safe in public spaces, cell phones a connection in an emergency make them feel safer. Young women are:. Because they can talk to friends—rendering public spaces more private—it gives them the confidence to not be as fearful in places where they usually would be.

Their research showed that people were much more likely to be adventurous with their locations, acting under the assumption that their cell phones would save them if they got into any trouble. Like Pain et al. These burglaries and robberies are likely to involve cell phones since only Other cell phone statistics found by the researchers reveal what most could guess: cell phones are not going anywhere, but in fact will affect our lives more and more each year. In there were an estimated 38 million cell phone users in the U.

Need an argumentative essay like this? We have a variety of essay writing services for you. Although there are safety benefits in carrying a cell phone and having outside contact in an emergency, the benefits do not outweigh the risks—if anything, they stabilize them and cell phones remain neutral. Though it is currently the case that the risk of cell phones trumps their potential as protection, it is possible that the situation may reverse in time. Perhaps the overall risk will always remain the same if risk-taking continues to correspond accordingly with feelings of safety, but there are networks being put into place, such as bricking, that will likely spread in time.

No matter what the likelihood is of cell phones making college students a target for crime, there is still some hope that individuals will learn how to use technology more efficiently as it continues to grow. Dakss, Brian. Howell Jr. The Washington Times. Teachers and administrators can confiscate student cell phones, if they believe that the student has violated school policy. However, the Fifth Amendment to the U.

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Cell Phones: Technological Marvel, Or Futuristic Disaster Technologies arise every generation that have the ability to influence society. Our generation has seen the emergence of cellular devices, such as cell phones. These devices have the ability to share vast amounts of information in an instant.

This new technology has the capability to change many aspects of life, including relationships, and education. Proponents of cell phones believe that the devices are beneficial to society because…. Attention Getter: Cell phones are very useful and handy but can also be very dangerous. Credibility Statement: 1.

Health Effects Of Cell Phone Health And Social Care Essay

Cell phones are intriguing to me because I myself am very distracted from them. I have done much research on this topic. Preview of Main Points: 1. First, I will…. Argument: Cell phones play a big role in our societal culture and just about every American owns one. None the less our overreliance on cell phone use is known to be a distraction to some drivers.


My question is, to what degree is this distraction worse than others faced while driving? I believe it is unnecessary for the Legislation to place a ban on the use of cell phones while driving as well as a violation of personal privacy. Cell phones are personal property, just as your car is personal property…. As we all know from the existing mobile phone was provided to us everyday in many ways, Especially When we leave our homes, Because it is many times essential to Communicate remotely with Our peers, but we see the real risk it can bring us to do while driving.

Recent studies show our Ability to Concentrate That driving while noticeably Decreases When We use our mobile phone, hands-free Whether or cell, Increasing from 5 to 10 times the risk of suffering an accident, this is One of the most important…. Each party has different cultural dimensions from Hofstede, which will play a role in the negotiation process. Influences of gender difference, personality, culture, perception, cognition, and emotion all will affect the negotiation. One will…. Kris says:.

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