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Marx developed the concept of historical materialism whereby the history of man developed through several distinct stages, slavery, feudalism, capitalism and in the future communism.

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The movement from one stage to another could be explained by using thesis, antithesis and synthesis. Under capitalism the proletariat were exploited by the bourgeoisie who were the owners of the means of production. This was the thesis or starting point. The polarisation of the two classes would reach a stage where the proletariat would revolt against such exploitation.

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This was the antithesis. The outcome, in the long term would be a new form of relations within a classless society, namely communism. This would be the synthesis. What are thesis, antithesis, synthesis? In what ways are they related to Marx?

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David P. Sep 19, Answer: They are concepts used by Marx to explain the progression of human society through distinct phases. Explanation: In general terms a thesis is a starting point, an antithesis is a reaction to it and a synthesis is the outcome. An unfortunate consequence has been the classical medical and psychiatric examination has become almost a thing of the passed. Such a development is not only for the patient but also the medical profession negative,on such a basis a computer makes a better diagnosis.

Medical diagnosis is historically based on the priest and the nun. A good medical examination saves time and money in unnecessary lab and technical examinations as well as a psychological factor.

What are thesis, antithesis, synthesis? In what ways are they related to Marx? | Socratic

Regards Dr. Terence Hale. I have both experienced psychiatry as a patient and observed it as an author writing on its treatment with conventional and holistic medicine.

I have seen thought about the source of depression change from genetic to acquired, and now back again. My experience is that besides genetics, there exist at least two valid paradigms, both of which eliminate symptoms by treating the source of the problem.

I have in mind Tibetan medicine and homeopathy. Whether or not their action is genetic is an interesting but irrelevant question. Homeopathy is certainly free from any side effects and has proven its effectiveness in minor trials. However, it still awaits the major breakthrough studies that would establish its credentials.

What are thesis, antithesis, synthesis? In what ways are they related to Marx?

In the meantime, patients in search of cures other than palliatives to psychiatric disease are left to grasp at straws. FirstAdvisor: You are after all only espousing a utilitarianism albeit a misguided one in keeping public spending as the prime criterion in deciding how to go about things, thus implicitly taking a philosophical standpoint while happily condescending on the arguments presented in my comment. At any rate, philosophy is the apt focal point of this issue the DSM is a purported catalogue of definitions of mental health, hence with inescapable underpinnings in philosophy.

The faults you have found with my argument can be put down to hasty sentence structuring on my part rather than to factual inaccuracy. The notion of mental illness is far from well-defined in general and this leaves the question "Is this person sane?

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Hence my statement that there are potentially as many mental conditions as people. Leave out the criterion that a person is mentally unhealthy if their condition leads them to cause harm to others in society, and we are all insane to different extents. Equally, to have to wait till someone causes others physical harm in order to declare them clinically insane points to the poverty of diagnosis and mental health care.

While I am with you in your skepticism of current psychology, as a scientist with a lively interest in neuroscience I find there is much scope for developments in this area to inform the debate. Important increases in accuracy and resolution are continually being brought to the study of cognitive and executive function I recommend you look at any current neuroscience journal and these have the potential to result in ever more precise pointers as to what, if any, are the correlates between brain biology and behaviour.

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Therefore allowing a scientific definition of sanity to eventually emerge, replacing the democratic one currently in vogue.