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Sometimes it is emblematic of the values of the characters. Some of the most important symbols in The Catcher in the Rye are outlined in the following sections. Pencey Prep and Elkton Hills are examples of institutions that serve as symbols. For Holden , the schools represent the phony, cruel world of those who run them. Even the advertisements for Pencey Prep are misleading. They feature "some hot shot guy on a horse" performing equestrian feats. Holden says he has never even seen a horse at Pencey. The school's motto is equally repulsive to Holden: "Since we have been molding boys into splendid, clear-thinking young men.

For Holden, a more typical example of the Pencey preppie is his roommate, Ward Stradlater, a boorish womanizer who gets by on superficial good looks and fake charm. Holden is being expelled for poor academic performance, but Stradlater wants to cheat by having Holden do his English theme for him since Holden does write well. Even more serious is the cruelty that Holden has seen at prep schools. As he tells Phoebe , "You never saw so many mean guys in your life. He is ashamed of himself for going along with the crowd and joining a secret fraternity.

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Although James Castle's brutally forced suicide took place at Elkton Hills, we get the idea that it could have happened at Pencey Prep just as easily. For Holden, the two schools are emblematic of a corrupt system designed by privileged adults and catering to boys who want to join their ranks. Part of Holden's dilemma is that he struggles so hard against a system into which he was born. Allie 's left-handed baseball glove is a physically smaller but significant symbol in the novel.

It represents Holden's love for his deceased brother as well as Allie's authentic uniqueness. Allie covered the glove with poems written in green ink so that he would have something to read when things got boring in the baseball field. This mitt is not a catcher's mitt; it is a fielder's glove.

Holden has shown it to only one person outside the family: Jane Gallagher. Salinger used symbolic meanings in the novel. The four main symbols are ducks, natural history museum, hunting hat, and Jane Gallagher. They all represent Holden in some way, and Salinger uses these symbols very often.

When Holden was wandering New York City, he asked many people what would happen if the duck duck was frozen. I think this really symbolizes Holden. His moral system and his sense of justice forced him to discover the severe flaws of the society he had lived in. But this is not his main challenge. Throughout the novel, Holden seeks to find meaning and purpose in life. Holden's ambiguity towards growth is an extension of the way he finds himself, and he believes this is a cruel and cruel world managed by a corrupt adult. From the beginning to the end, Holden was hypocritical in his inner struggle, as he tried to find out his struggle with his identity and the society he lived in.

There are many examples of how Holden's behavior conflicts with his beliefs as he tries to find identity and meanings as he grows into adulthood. The theme of a literary work becomes the center, it makes it possible to understand the character more deeply by repeated ideas and information. This is the perception of life or mankind, which is often shared with readers. In "The Catcher in the Rye" there are several themes in the words and actions of the narrator Holden Caulfield. The theme of this novel is to keep it pure, especially for the children.

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As Holden strives to keep himself and other people innocent, this can be seen throughout the novel. Because Holden was stuck with keeping innocence, Holden chose to "drive out security guards" He wants to catch the children playing in the black wheat field and falling off the cliff.

The rye field symbolizes the childhood world, the world full of children's play, and the cliff symbolizes adulthood. As he deals, Holden does not want kids to struggle in their lives.

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He wants children to leave their children and stay innocent, as they do not want children to fall into a complex and corrupt adult world. In chapter 25, Holden tried to erase the word "You intercourse" written on the wall of elementary school.

Holden tried to protect children from reading the curse that is likely to harm their hearts. The red hunting hat is another pure symbol of the novel. Holden always wears a red hunting hat to protect himself from "hunter" society. The hero is Holden, a year-old boy who leads the reader through a story depicting the loss of innocence. Holden believes that everyone is innocent, but when they become teenagers they inevitably relax in some way.

Holden believes that childhood innocence has been lost. Holden is very worried about this and believes he can stop losing innocence by becoming a "keeper of wheat field". Everyone is born The relationship with his family, interest in children, relationship with Jane Gallagher, interest in innocent strangers, and even his watching are relevant. It is seen in the protection of innocent inhumanities.

This desire to protect innocent people is the reason he wants to be a catcher of rye. Once this relationship is clarified, the reader can see the title "The Catcher in the Rye" clarifying the meaning of the book.

In the process of growth, it is best to try to participate in society, even violence, rather than alienating yourself. Growth can be painful, especially for the protagonists of The Metamorphosis and The Catcher in the rye. The burden of "Horton's parents" is sensitive like hell 1 , and chooses to send him to a boarding school without looking after him.

Among Sallinger's Catchers, J.

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Sallinger's Catcher's transformation of Holden is based on the unfortunate life direction of the year old teenager, Holden Caulfield. A growing adult Holden can not accept adult responsibilities. Finally, I noticed that there is no way to avoid adults' lives, he can only accept this alternative lifestyle. Atwood's 'Thinking People' will be announced in Holden Colefield using characters, plots and symbols. Through the role of Holden Caulfield clearly depicted "people of thought" "A watcher in a wheat field in a wheat field in a wheat field," J.

Have you ever thought about where our child was born, where and where it happens in the process? It involves abandoning the deep inner memories of the past. As we saw at J. Salinger's "Rye Catcher", we will hear the hero; Holden Colefield must say. Holden is an ordinary teenager dealing with academic and life problems. His expulsion of Pencey Prep remained unwavering and in return he got the opportunity to take a vacation.

When he traveled in New York, we were able to observe much about him. Security guards of JD Salinger JD Salinger's famous and respected novel, a barbarian guard, reflects Holden Colefield, a problematic teenager, to society and the surrounding people. Supercritical View This role has a remarkable vision of the world that morals, principles, wisdom, purity, and innocence should transcend money, gender, and power, but clearly these are I acknowledge the qualities have been expelled. Holders desperately see innocence as one of the most important virtues.

Many young people realize that they are trying to find their own identity and status. Finding self-esteem often makes these young people feel lonely and isolated, as they are not sure about themselves. Holden Colefield, J. The protagonist of Salinger in the book "rye catcher" is a young man in danger of mental collapse.

One reason for this collapse is the loneliness experienced by Holden. His loneliness is evident in many ways, including the lack of friends, the desire for a dead brother, and the way he is trying to get acceptance. Even though he was dead, Ally influenced Holden's behavior, theme and development. Holden's younger brother Erie's death played an important role in Holden's action. Holden could not deal with his death and proved this by causing physical harm to himself.

He did this to escape the pain of my heart. Holden said that Ellie is a "very smart" person and "the best" person. Salinger introduces the witness monitors by combining the elements of three novels, Holden's personality, resistance to behavior, and guidance of life. Primarily he used Hellen of the Netherlands as an example of a teenager who did not grow up in his adolescence.