Expository essay rubric six traits

This typically includes communicating relevant and well-developed information.

The Cornerstone For Teachers

Add to that a solid introduction and conclusion with a middle that flows in a logical order. The emphasis on first-draft writing is always on the traits of ideas and organization.

Be sure your writers know this! NOTE: These expectations are likely part of the "exceeding" or "pass-plus" levels. To see the emphasis on the traits of ideas and organization, read through the blue and green portions of the downloadable rubrics listed below.

Six-trait writing rubric

Best-practice instruction requires that teachers provide Think Alouds. More than just telling students what to do, this is when the teacher shares her expert thinking to reveal Regardless of the careful planning that goes into the unit preparation, there are writing skills the teacher presumes students will know--but don't. Often times, these deficiencies Be purposeful when determining which convention skill to teach when in the ELA curriculum.

Download Learning from Student Work in Kindergarten to view the Kindergarten rubric and how the teacher annotated and learned from the writing of three of her students. To view examples of 6-Trait rubrics for use in your own classroom, download them through the links below.

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Education Northwest has created another tool that is helpful for teachers who would like to assess and annotate in the way Kim has. For questions or feedback, please e-mail commoncoreteam cde. Welcome, Guest!

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