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It is important that a job candidate thoughtfully and professionally receives feedback, and grows from it. Being able to handle criticism well takes a number of other life skills, including self awareness, thoughtfulness, and professionalism.

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People need to know basic information technology skills sometimes know as information communication technology, or ICT, skills such as how to use smart phones and the Internet. IT skills are also critical for almost every job. You should be able to use common computer programs like Microsoft Word and Excel. Any additional IT experience typically makes you an even stronger candidate. This is an example of a resume that highlights life skills.

Definition of Terms

Communication : Fluently communicate both orally and in writing with clients, associates, and across management levels in both English and Spanish. Cooperation and Teamwork : Work well both as a member and a leader of team projects, ensuring high team morale and work ownership through open dialogues, recognition of successes, creative goal-setting, and skillful conflict resolution.

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Proactively solicit feedback and analyze criticism to define new directions for personal and team improvement. Decision Making and Leadership : Astutely analyze situations and resources to inform effective decision-making.

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Willingly assume leadership roles requiring solid organizational and motivational talents. Describe product offerings, assess client needs, and assist with order placement. No one can clearly see the objectives they want to achieve. Without understanding proper communication, students in the 21st Century will lack a pivotal skill to progress their careers.

Information literacy is the foundational skill. More importantly, it teaches them how to separate fact from fiction. In an age of chronic misinformation, finding truth online has become a job all on its own. This is how students find trustworthy sources of information in their lives. Without it, anything that looks credible becomes credible.

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But with it, they can learn which media outlets or formats to ignore. They also learn which ones to embrace, which is equally important. Last, technology literacy goes another step further to teach students about the machines involved in the Information Age. As computers, cloud programming, and mobile devices become more important to the world, the world needs more people to understand those concepts.

Technology literacy gives students the basic information they need to understand what gadgets perform what tasks and why.

10 Essential Life Skills You Need to Learn Right Now - The Lifestyle Fix

This understanding removes the intimidating feeling that technology tends to have. As a result, students can adapt to the world more effectively. They can play an important role in its evolution. Life skills is the final category. Entry-level workers need leadership skills for several reasons. The most important is that it helps them understand the decisions that managers and business leaders make.

As they lead individual departments, they can learn the ins and outs of their specific careers. That gives ambitious students the expertise they need to grow professionally and lead whole corporations. Initiative only comes naturally to a handful of people. As a result, students need to learn it to fully succeed. They represent the psycho-social skills that determine valued behavior and include reflective skills such as problem-solving and critical thinking, personal skills such as self-awareness, and interpersonal skills.

Practicing life skills leads to qualities such as self-esteem, sociability and tolerance, competencies to take action and generate change, and the capability to have the freedom to decide what to do and who to be. These are the skills that one needs, to make the most out of life. Life Skills are acquired by direct experience or by teaching and helping individuals to encounter challenges or meet daily tasks in their lives.

The Most Beneficial Lifelong Learning Skills

Skills that are required for well-being and aid individuals to develop into active and productive members of their communities are considered as life skills. Life skills are associated with managing and living a better quality of life. They help individuals accomplish their ambitions and live life to the fullest potential. There exists a clear relationship between life skills acquisition and life quality. Life skills are different from academic education. From my interaction with members of various organizations that are working towards empowerment of differently-abled, I have learnt that almost all the organizations working for such a cause have life skills as a part of their curriculum.

According to the organizations, life skills activities help in adding value to the lives of differently-abled people.

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  7. They help a person stay stress free and become self-aware and confident. Different organizations have different ways to instill these life skills in the individuals who come to these organizations to learn and find jobs.