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Your academic reputation is safe with us! High-quality papers. Men only became an insemination tool. The physical setting too shows the portrayal of power and law. Molly enjoys a free and happy lifestyle because of this. Warm colors found in can be seen through the lush vegetation and large landscape of her home to represent this. Alternatively, Mr.

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His office is linear and the objects in the office are placed in an orderly fashion which reflects Mr. Besides power and law, the role of education as well plays a role in subjugating the Aborigines.

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Most children at Moore River Settlement receive basic training to be domestic servants and farm laborers. This results in the children to be taken advantage off from the whites when they return to the society as they will become servants to them. A clear example is Mavis. This proves that education is not a tool for social advancement but a regulatory tool for oppression. As a conclusion, the central idea that flows throughout the film is a lack of understanding in the colonizer-colonized relationship.

The acts of the Australian government as portrayed in the film can be equated to genocide. Years later, as we learn from the film, Molly is once again abducted by the authorities. She retrod her steps while carrying her youngest child to return to her homeland.

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Her elder daughter was too heavy to carry and she never saw her again. This shows that neither set of forces has ultimately been successful; the white powers of cultural imperialism versus the aboriginal powers of cultural preservation. The struggle between the two powers still continues up till today. Australian Museum.

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Indigenous Australia: Family. Bates, Daisy. Project Gutenberg of Australia. Bring them home. Encyclopaedia Britannica Online. Encyclopaedia Britannica.

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Klages, M. Literary Theory: A Guide for the Perplexed. Great Britain: Continuum. Marten, J. Heroine of the Titanic, 1 Margaret attendedschool for thirteen years. It was during these years that she earned her nicknames Maggie andMolly. She had a very open and close family. There were eight Agard takes a bitter, angry and frustrating tone to match his feeling of being a victim.

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The presentational device used for this poem is formal: it has rhythm and rhyme. The rhyme scheme used is not Hi there, would you like to get such an essay? How about receiving a customized one? Check it out goo. Rabbit Proof Fence Essay.

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