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Another friend of mine with a thick Southern accent cannot use these things either. Great point, Indu — an accent can certainly complicate things. Hopefully the software will improve to the point where it will recognize words and understand various accents! A very good point Indu.

The only software I know that allows for accent and dialect modification is Dragon Naturally Speaking.

The only thing is that you have to set your accent settings before dictating they have a pretty huge list and walk through a series of speech tendency tests to fit your own habits. Have a nice weekend!

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I have a question that may seem a bit naif, does the software write all languages? I have started using this app a few months ago and it has made my work a lot easier. Works without any issues. Just a good quality microphone is required. Its the best.

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Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Skip to content. Writers are constantly looking for the best software to manage their creations. OmniPage Optical character recognition is a form of software that scans hardcopy documents and converts them into editable documents for Microsoft Word and other processors. Livescribe Livescribe is about as state-of-the-art as any writer can get right now.

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The topic can be anything that allows you to cover those sections during the creative writing process. Here are few suggestions:.

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These are topics; not headlines. The title has to be more creative. If, for example, you choose summer vacation as your topic, the title can be something like My Vacation in Greece: Islands, Olives, and Endless Blue.

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This is not the first thing you need to write. Just think of your topic, and go through the remaining stages of the process. The narration is basically a story. When reading, the teacher should see the things you saw and feel the feelings you felt. Those are the main structural elements of an essay narrative.

This type of writing does not require a strict structure. Still, you need an introductory paragraph that sets the tone and tells the reader what this story is about. A good plan will make the writing process much simpler. Now; onto the main narrative writing tips! How do you compose the essay? Academic writing needs consistency.

Regardless of the fact that this is a personal narration, it should still have a logical flow. I and we are not usually recommended in academic style , but narrative college papers are an exception. Other people add depth to any personal experience, so make sure to describe their most vivid characteristics. The where is just as important as the how in plots.

Paint a picture of the location in specifics. Dialogues make texts easier to read. When people read books, they move through the pages easily when they involve conversations.

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  6. Fortunately, this type of essay allows you to include dialogue, so you should certainly use that opportunity. All people have similar stories to tell. But they are unique at the same time! Do you know what makes them special? The way they are told. Use special details to describe this encounter. Your language should be vivid and it should show instead of tell. Now that you went through the most significant narrative writing tips, you may feel ready to start writing the paper?

    Not so fast! You have to consider yet another stage: the editing process. To begin with, read through the entire content. Did you clearly illustrate the main theme? Is there a logical flow in the paper? Is there consistency in your style?

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    Can the reader easily identify the point? You have to make those things very clear. What about the word count? If, for instance, you were required to write a word essay, you cannot turn in a word or word paper. Stay within the limits of your guidelines. Edit the first draft to get there! Is the grammar, punctuation, and formatting perfect?