Psychosynthesis disidentification exercise

Since I can observe and understand my emotions, and then gradually learn to direct, utilize, and integrate them harmoniously, it is clear that they are not my self. I have emotions, but I am not my emotions. I have a mind but I am not my mind.

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My mind is a valuable tool of discovery and expression, but it is not the essence of my being. Often it refuses to obey me!

The Psychosynthesis Identification/Disidentification Exercise

Therefore, it cannot be my self. It is an organ of knowledge in regard to both the outer and the inner worlds, but it is not my self. I am a center of will , capable of observing, directing, an using all my psychological processes and my physical body. Synthesis Center Press, Synthesis Center.

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The intent of the above is to disidentify from the vestures of the self, and to identify with the state of consciousness that is the self. After sufficent practice, the above can be simplified to:. Also you may want to use these following links to explore these other transpersonal topics on my website: spiritual counseling , meditation training in Portland , spiritual direction in Portland , nondual coaching , and presence. Complimentary Consultation Explore transpersonal counseling with a Free Consultation If you are considering transpersonal counseling, and would like to learn more about my work, feel welcome to meet with me in my NE Portland office for a minute free consultation.

Psychosynthesis Exercises for Personal & Spiritual Growth

To arrange a consultation online now, just use the Consultation button. Complimentary Consultation. I have a body, but I am not my body.

This is a particularly good way to observe and surrender an aspect of self one may like to separate from. Rather than get angry with it, you simply observe and extend acceptance to that sub-personality. You don't engage in supression, you engage in observation and self compassion.

You detach and simply breathe affirming that you are the "I". With practice you distance yourself from unhelpful ways of being, feeling and thinking. You no longer get engulfed by a reaction from a part of you.

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It's not all of you - it is simply and aspect. It is transient and will change as nothing remains the same.

The Seven Core Concepts of Psychosynthesis

You cultivate the ability to step back - disengage and watch that part of you curiously and without judgement. By doing this you learn that nothing can control you.

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Assagioli said that nothing from which we are disidentified can dominate us. By detaching and observing more and more of the personal self one gains more and more freedom. Try it and see for yourself. Click below to listen on Soundcloud or download direct to phone or computer. Spend four minutes a day for one month and watch where your investment of time takes you.

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