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At deposit your thesis must be complete and in final form. It must include all required elements and finalized content. The thesis must be properly formatted. Please follow our deadlines, rules, and guidelines carefully. Not sure about something? Just ask.

About Us Contact Us Search. Toggle navigation Menu Graduate College. Info for The second and final step is to submit your thesis or dissertation to ProQuest, which arranges for the work to be published online. For detailed instructions on this process, please continue reading.

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If you wish to download and print these instructions, use the link on the right. Before you submit your thesis to your advisor, faculty committee, and Graduate Studies, it must be put into the required format. Your thesis or dissertation should include a title page as the first page, followed by the official approval form.

Both the title page and approval page must follow the models found to the right. ProQuest will not accept a thesis or dissertation without the necessary permissions. Additional copyright information may also be obtained on this website.

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When your thesis or dissertation has been approved, and all the required signatures have been obtained on the approval page, your next step is to inform the Office of Graduate Studies. For publishing options, you may choose either Traditional or Open Access. Before your document is submitted to the Graduate College, you and your committee should thoroughly review your document and check for technical as well as grammatical errors.

Additionally, you should have at least two other readers proofread your document to make corrections and catch typographical errors. You must work diligently to ensure that your document is free of sentence fragments, fused sentences, comma splices, agreement errors, punctuation errors, etc.

Remember that although the format advisor may catch some of these errors, it is ultimately the responsibility of you and your chair to ensure your document is error-free for publication. Unsure how to interpret the Format Manual? Have a situation that seems unique? E-mail a format advisor. However, as the semester deadlines approach, students should expect to wait up to ten 10 business days for a response.

Please Note: Format advisors do not provide advice regarding the use of software, and cannot instruct students on how to use software.

To assist students with formatting their thesis or dissertation, the Graduate College provides a formatting tool, called the Format Wizard, in Microsoft Word and LaTeX. This tool will help with formatting the preliminary pages of your document, fixing the margins, and setting pagination. Please keep in mind that, regardless of whether you use the Formatting Wizard or not, you must still review your document to ensure compliance with the Graduate College standards. The ASU Format Wizard is a resource used to provide assistance as you write your thesis or dissertation under the supervision of your committee chair.

The Format Wizard is designed to help students with basic format requirements such as margins and spacing, and may greatly streamline the format process for you. This tool will also format preliminary matter and page numbers for you; however, it will not format your citations or create your headings. You will need to carefully review the final document generated through the Format Wizard to ensure it adheres with your selected style guide requirements. Your document must satisfy professional standards of published research.

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Both your committee and the Graduate College expect to see evidence of careful attention to style and format in the document that you present to fulfill the requirements for your graduate degree. You must not assume that the Format Wizard will do all of the formatting for you. You will have to go through your document to make any changes necessary to meet Graduate College standards. Please use the software option that you are comfortable editing, as the Graduate College will not provide assistance in using your software.

Current issues we are resolving include the alignment of page numbers for entries in the table of contents and the alignment of the page numbers throughout the document.

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If you are attaching multiple files, the documents must be submitted as a compressed zip file. The document should be uploaded to your iPOS 10 calendar days prior to the defense. The Graduate Format team will not review incomplete documents or those that have not been formatted according to the format manual.

If students submit a partial or incomplete document, the document will be returned without evaluation and revisions will be requested before further review. For questions regarding documents that require special format, please email gradformat asu. A format advisor checks your work against the Format Manual requirements. They also spot-check for misspellings, inconsistencies, typographical errors, and grammatical problems, but a thorough review of the entire document for these errors is the responsibility of you and your chair. Graduate College may return the document to you for additional revisions.

Turnaround time for review fluctuates depending upon the volume of documents, and increases as the semester deadlines approach, but you should expect a response within 3 — 5 business days. Your document will be reviewed as quickly as possible, and you will be contacted electronically upon completion of the review correspondence is done via your ASU email, so check frequently.

After you have made the required corrections outlined in the email and reviewed the entire document, you will need to upload your revised document in your iPOS.

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To avoid jeopardizing your graduation, be sure to submit your final revisions by the posted semester deadline graduation deadlines. If the deadline is not met, you will be required to register and pay for one 1 graduate-level credit hour the following semester to be able to graduate. Turnaround time depends on the time during the semester when you submit your document for initial review.

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As a general rule, the closer document submission is to the semester deadlines, the longer it will take for your review to be completed due to the increased volume of documents received. Regardless, your document will be reviewed as quickly as possible and you will be notified of the results by email.