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Just like adults diabetes can affect children as well.

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Here are the symptoms of type-1 and type-2 diabetes in children and risk of other non-communicable diseases found in children. Also know the symptoms of diabetes in children. It may sound impossible to keep kids away from sweets and candies as they are on the top of their list. But these are high in sugar and deprived of nutrition. You can serve some healthy alternates to your kids and make sure that they receive enough nutrition.

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Positive and Negative Effects of Television on Children

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Television viewing plays a major role and influence in our children's lives. While television can entertain, inform, and keep our children company, it may also influence them in undesirable ways. Time spent watching television takes away from important activities such as reading, school work, playing, exercise, family interaction, and social development.

Children also learn information from television that may be inappropriate or incorrect. They often cannot tell the difference between the fantasy presented on television versus reality. They are influenced by the thousands of commercials seen each year, many of which are for alcohol, junk food, fast foods, and toys. Television characters are often exaggerated stereotypes that can distort children's expectations of people in day-to-day life.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics , "Extensive research evidence indicates that media violence can contribute to aggressive behavior, desensitization to violence, nightmares, and fear of being harmed. This data was gleaned from the University of Michigan Health System 's website.

A: The answer depends on socioeconomic factors, including the current income of the household and the educational and economic history of the caregivers. For the middle class, it can be said that increased viewing does correlate with lower grades in school, but for children from poorer families, the opposite is true: the more television they watch, the better their grades are. If the caregivers are not around to interact with the children or are not intellectually stimulating, then the kids seem to learn more from watching television.

Q: If children from poorer families benefit from television, does that mean that children from poorer countries might benefit, as well? A: That may be true.

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An international study looked at the way children spend their leisure time, including TV-watching and computer use, and concluded that in richer countries where a larger percentage of kids watched TV every day, higher scores were achieved on reading exams. Researchers also implied that those kids also had higher IQ scores. Although television watching is a strong risk factor for childhood and adolescent obesity, it's hard to pinpoint the exact cause, so it might be more precise to say that it's not television itself but inactivity and buying into ads for junk food that contribute to higher BMI.

A: There is no evidence to support this rumor that began in the s, when General Electric sold TV sets that emitted excessive amounts of radiation. Although modern technology is safe, the rumor is still alive, probably because parents need a scary, persuasive reason to get their kids to go outside to play! A: There is evidence to support this hypothesis.

Studies have found that for some older kids, TV can discourage and replace reading. Children from households where the TV is on a lot are less likely to be read to, spend less time reading themselves, and are less likely to be able to read. A: Too much. According to the Nielsen report, the average American over the age of 2 watch more than 34 hours a week. According to a survey conducted by Nickelodeon , children under the age of 9 watch 35 hours of television per week. The average month-old gets between 1 and 2 hours of screen time per day.

A: The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that kids under 2 years not watch any none! There are relatively few serious studies about the effect of television on the gray matter, but there have been a few, including these:. We can all agree that some television shows are better than others. But which shows offer the most educational value? Nova, Planet Earth, and other science and nature documentaries are also intellectually-rich programs.

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But aside from the obvious choices, there are many shows on which are not only intentionally but incidentally educational, especially for certain individuals. Everyone can probably chime in with their own list of the top ten shows that make us smarter , and everyone's list would be different, so it's safe to say that the educational benefit varies from viewer to viewer or education is in the eye of the beholder.

Even shows intended as pure entertainment might teach certain viewers something worthwhile. While you're watching television with your kid, ask yourself and your child, if she or he is old enough these questions:. Simply asking these questions will render any show more educational, but if your child is too young to understand, you will have to make the decision about whether or not this show is good for your kid. Little kids aren't ready to think critically, but the older you get, the more capable you are of thinking, judging, and evaluating for yourself.

Adults young and old can develop their ability to think outside the idiot box: Media literacy is the ability to analyze and evaluate media, including but not limited to television programs and advertisements. In conclusion, there are both advantages and disadvantages of watching television, although children are more negatively affected than adults.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Watching Television

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TV steals children’s time from important activities

Thank you for your useful article. Excellent information. Tnere is a need of reforms in Television Media. A good work done by author. Sorry but without television I cannot check out all the male celebrities that I might marry in the future. No way anyone's gonna stop me from watching T. Plus there are gonna show an awesome new romantic movie that I cannot wait to watch. Zillions of Thanks this information really helps in my debate but of course I only took the good part B.

This is gud even though i like wathing tv i will make sure mi kidz will be watching tv twice per week from Hello to everyone at reel rundown! I enjoyed this page about t. Rock on. Thank you I am very thankful to you. Please give me more about the disadvantages of television T.

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