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In each of these sessions, the roles would be reviewed and the topic discussed extensively. The conclusions reached with regard to the progress of the discussion were recorded by the secretary for future reference. Since the diversity within the group led to an occasional breakdown in communication, we agreed to be resolving our differences amicably to avoid confrontations.

The variations in personalities also led to misunderstandings among the group members. For instance it took us a lot of time deciding on the group leader.

This is because nobody was confident enough to take the position. By noting the qualities of some of the group members, it was however possible to come up with a leader and collectively assign roles to the other members with respect to their capabilities Harvey, Consequently, diversity within a team set up is relatively inevitable; however, it is possible to incorporate the different perspectives and hence come up with the most informed choices.

The experience offered an appropriate avenue through which the group members were able to learn more about each other. At the beginning of the whole process, it was quite a challenge bringing the minds of the group members together. This could be attributed to the fact that we were each new to each other and had different methods of handling issues. The sober minded group members provided a perfect balance to these differences by incorporating more rational approaches in the process of decision making.

In a nut shell, the differences in personalities of the group members played a pivotal part in slowing down the decision making process. This concept highlights that not all members of the group may be in agreement with the decision made but will however remain supportive of the course. During the group activities, there are those members who remained passive throughout the decision making process.

Despite not giving their views in a bid to influence the decisions made, they offered no objection to the choices settled on by the other members. For instance, when choosing the leaders, some of the members took up the roles without necessarily considering what was required of them in these positions. This aspect led to a breakdown in communication in most occasions since some of the chosen leaders had no clear understanding of the confines and description of their responsibilities Harvey, From this scenario, we can deduce that some of the group members mistakenly felt that their views towards the topic of discussion would counter the decisions already made by the other members of the group.

This could be termed as prejudgment which is a common barrier to effective communication. Consequently, some of the choices made during the group discussions were not adequately informed due to lack of back up opinions from a good number of the group members. It is therefore important to have the group objectives and the topic under discussion clearly stated to the group before the most effective steps and channels are followed in a bid to come up with informed choices.

As highlighted in the concept of the shared information bias, there is the tendency of a group to take more time concentrating on information which most of the group members are already familiar with.

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Our sessions comprised numerous occasions in which the members spent time arguing over aspects with which the group members were already familiar with. For instance too much time was spent highlighting the components of the topic of discussion before actually sharing important information to aid in the decision making process. While most of the aspects shard by the group was familiar concepts, the unshared information remained as hidden profiles Hollingshead, This could be attributed to the fact that the group lacked a visionary leader with a good understanding of the concept under discussion.

As a result, the group was not adequately exposed on the innate and more complex but constructive elements of the topic in question.

We can therefore deduce that shared information bias results in poor decisions being made by a group Kahneman, The interaction between members never ended at the group level but also proceeded at personal levels as some of the group members formed factions to further in a bid to understand one another more. From these interactions, it was possible to establish a rather interesting twist. Group thinking may empower some of the group members to act boldly and contribute actively in making more daring decisions but could not reciprocate this boldness when approached at a personal level Sharot, The risky shifts in a group set up may negatively impact the outcome of choices.

Through the concept of risky shifts, we can outline that some individuals make decisions not because of their belief in this stands but perhaps due to the pressure related with group dynamics. For effective decision making, risky shifts ought to be noted and minimized McAvoy, Making informed decisions also involves observing the right ethical standards.

The group dynamics involved a careful consideration of all the ethical aspects associated with the question in mind McAvoy, As such, the group ensured that all the decisions made were in conformation with the set ethical standards. It is however a fact worth noting that an excessive concentration on the ethical issues took a lot of energy and time.

This in turn impact the quality of the decisions made Ronald, Concentration on the ethical issues did not only lead to the occurrence of shared information bias but was the leading cause of rigidity among some of the group members. While ethical standards are crucial factors to consider during decision making, they ought to be considered within the shortest time possible so that more energy can be diverted to the actual process of decision making. In order to get the best out of a group, it is important members to enhance cohesion and an extensive understanding of one another.

Through this, personalities can be established. These variations can therefore be harnessed in order to ensure that the team makes the most informed choices. Secondly, the team should not spend more time and energy discussing an issue with which the group members are already familiar with. Instead, the group leader can working on exposing more of hidden profiles or unshared information which in turn improves the quality of decisions made Wilcox, The group also ought to have taken part in more team building activities.

For instance, the group can take part in a short group game before embarking on the main discussion. This strategy does not only enhance understanding among the members but also uplifts team unity and cohesion which are key components of effective decision making. Finally, in order to minimize the problems of time and energy wastage, the group could also establish and work with timelines.

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The time allocated for the discussion of a given element within a group ought to be adequately observed by the facilitators. Proper time management in addition to good communication skills play a crucial role in helping groups to make informed and effective choice. Baked, D.

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Journal of Management Education, 34 1 , pp. Henningsen, D. Small Group Research, 34 1 , pp. Harvey, B. Harvey, J. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

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Hollingshead, A. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 81 1 , pp. Kahneman, D. New York; Cambridge, UK. Sharot, T. McAvoy, J. Information and Software Technology. Ronald, R. Wilcox, C. London: Xlibris Corporation. Please put your valid email id. At MyAssignmenthelp. To make our service delivery fast, we have hired subject matter experts to work on different subject specific assignments.

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As a result presently like marginal produce is the same as the tilt of the whole manufactured goods curve, m Question: Discuss about the professional developers comprehend software? Answer: I have been working in the USA Technologies for nine months now, and it has been one of my best working experiences so far in my professional career. Read more. When we were first introduced to the idea of a small group project we knew that our presentation had to entertain the audience, and at the same time inform them. At that point, we were functioning as individuals. Each of us tossed out a ton of ideas and some were shot down right away.

That took about 5minutes. Then Daniel. I have learned some things during this Capstone team project, however, more than not, this team project has reinforced or refreshed my memory regarding lessons that I have already learned during the numerous other group projects that I have participated in and lead during my collegiate development here at Davenport University. One of. Critical Reflection of Group Work on International Students' Mental Health Issues words - 4 pages develop collaboration skill in an assigned group project by developing a YouTube presentation to complete the task.

This reflective piece will discuss the process of forming the group and the selection of roles for each member. The relationships within the group will be explored along with my own self-awareness after completing the project. Influence of Gender, Culture and Multiple Disciplines on the Project Group words - 6 pages "Influence of Gender, Culture and Multiple Disciplines on the Project Group"Project ManagementSeptember 15, IntroductionThe gender, cultural background and disciplinary expertise are some of the factors that influence the roles within a project group.

Managing these variations can often be a turning point in success or failure of a project. By recognizing these differences, groups can prevent potential disasters, as well as benefit from. Evaluation Portion of Group Project words - 4 pages required is also essential. According to Oermann and Gaberson , p. Formative Evaluation Scholarly Views.

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Personal Reflection of Food Group Consumption words - 11 pages underweight. Instead of a food pyramid, which is what is usually referred to, the new way of measuring these is in a pi graph on a plate as it is more accurate and also easier to determine how much you should eat of each food group compared to the others. There are six food groups all together, all with. The fourth chapter is the assessment to mark the sense of practice; fifth period includes the result of cooperation and the final phase involves the test plan for the position if it arose again. This kind of reflection produced practice.

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Reflective essay words - 7 pages. For example, from my own personal experience of critical reflection using Johari Window model has provided me an insightful knowledge of understanding and accepting others my classmates and team members despite of the individual differences and critical received feedback. In project and group discussions, the incorporation of this model has a significant role in supporting ways, I expressed my opinions freely without having the need to hide.

You will initially work on your own to design a landing module, and then later assigned to a group of students to come up with a final landing module design.