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Telescreens are at the armed forces assistant.

Telescreens were used to monitor the activity of the people. Television and internet serve as instruments of surveillance as well. The Thought Police are always on the lookout.

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Doublethink is the holding of two contradictory thoughts in mind and accepting both as true. Using the newspeak, Orwell uses a lot of propaganda. For instance, there is miniplenty, minipax, minitru, and miniluv. Miniplenty is the ministry of plenty, which deals with economic shortages such as starvation.

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Minipax is the ministry of peace, which is responsible for war. Minitru is the ministry of truth, which rewrites history using noticeable lies. Miniluv is the ministry of love, which is where torture and punishment take place. The point of doublethink was to eliminate the amount of free thinking. It is not just totalitarianism that Orwell criticizes in this Utopian novel. He is desperate to get people thinking without fear.

He explores the power of language to manipulate and control. He urges us to recognize and protect the truth.

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Sorry, but only registered users have full access. The antique shop where Winston buys the paperweight is significant itself. The Party cannot completely destroy the past, as an antique shop is a shop that holds things from the past that still remain important enough to the people where an antique shop is still relevant. Charington was also seemed interested with the past, he would rather talk about the things he had rather than trying to sell it. Really being a member of the Thought Police, he was not a collector of things, but a collector of people.

The antique shop where Winston buys the paperweight shows the significance of the past, but also the trap. Winston constantly and desperately tries to remember the past, and he sees the glass coral paperweight as a relic from the past. Winston uses this as a concrete tangible reminder of the past, as memories are no longer reliable.

The paperweight helps him and gives him hope. The glass coral paperweight symbolizes multiple things. It is the dreams of freedom that the past once had.

The paperweight proves that the Party cannot control all information and history and that some objects or places are still here to remind people of the past. It is the only place that they could have to themselves and truly think. Thirdly, the paperweight is a symbol of hope. The Party tries to control the past and all information, but the paperweight remains as a symbol of hope from the past. Lastly, the glass coral paperweight symbolizes the destruction of the love between Winston and Julia.

The paperweight being made of glass, foreshadows the destruction of their relationship. The coral paperweight symbolizes many important things. Symbolism is used thoroughly throughout by George Orwell. A society where the Party controls the past, the memories of the people, and all information. Accessed October 18, We will write a custom paper sample on the Paperweight specifically for you.