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Original post by JocastaJackal We did that too, but our teacher was painfully lethargic and boring. It's quite short but holds a good example. Report 11 years ago 7. Original post by CloudStrife It was rather. Report 11 years ago 8. Report 11 years ago 9. We did the Franklin's Tale EDIT: forgot to type this bit! I have a writing bump on my finger now.

Report 11 years ago Badges: I can post an A2 past paper of mine, if yas want. It got an A, overall. We've still got to start Chaucer.

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I've bought the Merchant's Tale but am reluctant to even be seen carrying it, let alone opening it up and trying to read the damn stuff. Any tips before I start? Original post by OhNO! It was sooo boringgg. Original post by necessarily benevolent We've still got to start Chaucer.

It was an A, quite a solid A, although not full marks quite obviously. Measure for Measure. Jackathon Badges: 0. Quick Reply. Submit reply. Attached files. Write a reply Back to top. Related discussions.

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Oops, nobody is replying to posts. Why not reply to an un-answered thread? Today on TSR. Thinking of dropping out? What to do if you're not sure uni is right for you. University open days. University of East Anglia. Undergraduate Open Day Undergraduate. Sun, 20 Oct ' University for the Creative Arts. University of Gloucestershire. One of the most crucial Tudor monarchs is King It is considered to be among the Isabella Gashi Dr.

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African American novels have always had protagonists who strongly voice their dissent over discrimination. We see a different approach adopted by G This section of the guidebook will explore the historical, symbolic, religious, philosophical and personal values of La Pieta. On August 27, M The drama is the only literary art which is designed for a crowd instead of to an individual. The poet writes for a selected audience. Text and Genre: How does the text conform to, or deviate from, the conventions of a particular genre, and for what purpose?

Chronicle of a Death fo Abstract: The aim of this essay is to more easily define the rhetorical movere in relation with the second scene of Act II in Hamlet. It will first This masculinist tendency was further reinforced by apparently scientific theories regarding race and gender. The Victorians conceived of a hierarc Nickie was an adventurous girl; she traveled with her aunt to a town called Greenhaven.

Her aunt and she go into Greenhaven to sell a mansion beca Firstly looking at the style with which Walker uses in this novel, it is an epistolary style. Permitting her main character to voice her personal I woke into, or dreamed it was dawn. I could hear the sound of babies crying, of soldiers marching, children chattering and playing.

I could overhe This will definitely be the theme of a later post, but I will give a short answer here. Be thorough and prepare for every essay you think you could be asked to write. I do this by breaking prose down into key characters and themes. For each character I detail what happens to them, their relationship with other characters and their relationship to the main themes.

While doing this I always grab one or two supporting quotations for each relationship.

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For these I would have written an essay in note form about their meaning, key quotations and connections to theme. Dear Sir Just wanted to express my heartfelt thanks for sharing the awesome work that you are doing. Indeed each analysis is informative and it has helped my daughter a lot. Thank you once again. Regards Sandhya. Thanks for your kind words and I am extremely glad that the site has been of help to your daughter. Words cannot express my gratitude at having found your website.

It is really helping with my Literature, as we have not done much Prose Writing Practice in school till now. And what structure is to be used for that? In terms of advice, it is a little difficult to provide a one size fits all structure, but I will give it a go. The first thing you need to do is unpack the question you choose to answer — how have you interpreted it and what are the key points that you feel you need to make about your prose text s.

Introduction — for me this is absolutely crucial and I can tell a brilliant essay from an average one within the first few sentences. You need to mirror the words of the question steal some of the keywords or use synonyms , but critically you need to provide an overview of the key points you will be making within your essay. No evidence, no explanation, but show me that you know the answer and are the expert. Main body paragraphs — these points are really going to vary text to text and it is no use saying that you need one paragraph about this and another about this.

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To support this point try to integrate pieces of evidence from the text, ideally quotations from the extract, and make sure you explain the meaning of these references and also establish their significance in terms of the point you are making. With your final sentence you should directly address the question again, just to ensure that your focus is clear and you do not go off track. Instead you should be pulling together everything you have said into one cogent address to the question.

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In many ways it is just your introduction on steriods — reestablish your main points and how they are important in terms of the question. There may be a little more development here, but no fresh evidence or analysis, just pulling it all together.

I hope this helps, but I have a feeling it is a bit vague without an example to demonstrate my ideas. Hopefully I will get round to looking at the prose section at some point and can put some examples on the site. I will write up a more thorough post examining exam strategy at some point in the not too distant future.

For now, I would suggest that this type of question will generally be thematic and thus you need to break down the different ways the theme is presented or explroed within the poem. Each of my body paragraphs would then focus on one of these points and explore with specific examples drawn from the text. I hope this makes sense, but will have a go at writing an example and get back to you.