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Have your lesson objectives clear for your students. Write them on the board or get the kids to know them at the beginning — by the end of this lesson I will have learned……. These clear objectives provide a guide to what you want to achieve and can be the basis of the lesson structure.

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A map on the board can help to show the kids where you are going with the lesson. Help Log in Sign up Newsletter. Definition of Discipline To maintain order and to keep the group on task and moving ahead, not to spot and punish those students who are misbehaving. Causes of deviant behaviour Cole and Chan, Class Rules At the beginning of the school year, establish the class rules. Discuss Classroom rules with the students and consequences of misbehavior. Post room rules and consequences of misbehavior.

Student numbers are also going to be an issue. In any case, whatever seating pattern you choose or is imposed on you, the class is likely to be more successful if you keep the following principles in mind: Try and maximize eye contact. Hang name tags on a hook by the door. Make it private: call to desk, whisper, nonverbal cues.

Time out at desk or another room. Practice numbers, in the beginning, even when children are doing well, just so they get the idea of how to respond to your signals. Then praise them. Sometimes we read and listen, and sometimes we read and discuss, but we always listen. Giving Instruction It is better to make your instructions for primary students precise and concise.

Use puppets to help with classroom management. Puppets can whisper in the teacher's ear, and they can write messages to the class. Compliment leadership in students. Use the same standards for everyone — no favorites! In fact, learners can help each other while working on different types of tasks such as writing dialogues, interviews, drawing pictures and making comments about them, play roles, etc… Setting Time Limits 1 You should set time to each activity when you are planning your lesson so that you would know if you would be able to finish your objectives or not.

Role Play This is a technique to vary the pace of the lesson and to respond to the fundamental notion of variety in teaching.

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Teachers are advised to use the role- play activity in order to motivate their students and to help the less motivated learners take part in the lesson. As good examples of that we can state: the hide item and guessing game, dramatizing an interview of customer and shop assistant, doctor and patient conversation, etc… Tasks for Early Finishers This especially happens when students finish an assignment while other students are still working on it. Think in advance for possible activities, options including extension activities related to the current topic, journal writing, silent reading, and educational games Whole Class Feedback Take a look at the following classroom exchange: Whole class: He bought a sandwich.

Sea of noise in which the teacher hears the answer Sound familiar?

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How many times have you done feedback like this? Probably many. On the other hand, Gonzales classified the behavior of individual into two parts namely inappropriate behavior and study skills problem. Classroom management is very important concern for teachers. If misbehavior among students not been addressed, the whole preparation of teacher which includes the delivery of lesson, objectives and expected outcomes will be affected and even might result to more trouble.

So, in response to this situation, teachers employed techniques in teaching-learning process.

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Classroom management includes all of the things a teacher does in pursuit of two important objectives, to encourage learners in all classroom activities and to set up a productive working environment Kounin, It is therefore important for teachers to make sure that all of the activities are ready before the instruction takes place. Nowadays, teachers are challenged to the numerous behavior problems in a particular institution.

Behavioral problems appeared to be more severe than those of the previous years.

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  6. Problems such as bullying, grave misbehavior, indecent actions, and other related problems within the school. The learning styles of individuals are affected if these problems are not considered. So in response to this situation, strengthening of classroom management is the major concern of every institution Nemer, Records show that students from Enverga Candelaria tend to misbehave as shown at the Office of Prefect of Discipline.

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    Gerardo A. Bajar revealed that the most common cases are: tardiness, indecent actions, fighting, bullying, grave misbehaviors and others. Classroom management helps teachers address the great numbers of behavior problems among their students. They formulate techniques and internalize it to teaching methods.

    Through effective management, students build a strong relationship and establish a highly secured environment against ill-mannered actions. The researcher also believes that the teachers have different methods in understanding the diversity among students and addressing behavior problems. Thus, they were able to develop management strategies to deal with different classroom behavior.

    The study is based on theories, models and its philosophy, concepts, strategies, overall effectiveness and respect for diversity. Classroom Management has been one of the major concerns of teachers. A poorly managed classroom produces students who can exhibit inappropriate behavior. If the teacher did not address this problem efficiently, more trouble is expected. In the study of Oliver, et.

    He also identified variety of techniques which are very useful in managing classroom. He also said that focusing on classroom management is more effective in modifying student behavior than relying on instruction only. Another theory was made by B. Skinner as cited by Salandanan His Behavior Modification Theory states that individual behavior is being modified through the process of reinforcement. Appropriate behavior will recur once individual is being reinforced.

    Reinforcement comes into two forms: 1 Positive Reinforcement and Negative Reinforcement. Positive reinforcement is in the form of rewards which strengthen student appropriate behavior and tend to the repetition of the said behavior. Negative reinforcement, on the other hand, also strengthens the behavior of individual through eliminating inappropriate behavior. Once that the students pass through the limit of the zone, inappropriate behavior of individual can occur.

    This study dealt with the different management strategies of high school teachers towards classroom behavior among the pilot and lower-hetero classes in MSEUFCI S. What are the classroom behaviors of students in pilot and lower-hetero sections in terms of 1. How do teachers manage the pilot and the lower-hetero sections in terms of 2.

    Specifically, the study had the following importance:.

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    Knowing that each student is unique and each requires different approach, the teacher may classify the best strategy suited to the individuality of the learners. Thus, they will be able to establish harmonious relationship among learners and to promote best learning with their students as well. The students will no longer wonder why teachers treat students from different sections differently. The parents will understand that the different strategy employed by teachers in dealing with their students is to best address the variety of behaviors exhibited by their children.

    They will come up with other studies such as the effectiveness of management strategies employed by the teacher in pilot and lower-hetero classes and the application of those management strategies from pilot class to lower-hetero class and vice versa. This can also be used as their reference in the future. Figure 1 represents the conceptual paradigm of the study. This is based on the five areas of concern inside the classroom namely time, instruction, relation, classroom environment and discipline. This was limited to twenty four 24 respondents who were currently employed as high school faculty members of Manuel S.

    This study was conducted at Brgy. Classroom Physical Environment - pertains to the place where learning and sharing of ideas takes place. It also refers to the space, arrangements of learning resources and the climate inside it. Discipline - pertains to the attitude of an individual which exhibits controlled pattern of good behavior. This also includes the lesson, teaching process and the teaching strategies by the teachers. This chapter deals with the investigation of related literature and studies obtain from books, journals, and other materials that provide support to this study.

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    This chapter focuses on views and opinions of some authors and findings of some researchers and studies about management strategies of High School Teachers. In the survey conducted by the American Psychological Association APA , it was revealed that the utmost need of the teachers was on the management of the classroom.

    Classroom management refers to the wide variety of skills and techniques that the teachers use to keep students organized, orderly, focused, attentive, on task and academically productive during class. Although they have different meanings about classroom management, they all agreed for its purposes: a to establish an orderly environment for learning and b to enhance student social and moral growth Evertson and Weinstein Being a teacher is the noblest profession.