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If so, then does this make the more expensive organic apple better then the cheaper conventional apple?

What is Organic Food?

In order to make a fully informed decision on which type of food to buy, we must account for both sides. Non-organic food buyers claim that, despite the are residual hormones found in non-organic beef, it is important to note that there have yet to be any major, conclusive studies to prove any harm that these hormones have on the body. Meanwhile, on the fruits and vegetable front, there are many fruits and vegetables that are known as "clean" foods, which are better to buy non-organic.

Asparagus, eggplant, avocado, onion, sweet peas, mango, and cabbage, just to name a few. So, although there are synthetic chemicals in non-organic foods, it's correlation with causing any damage to the body has yet to be fully proven. In spite of the fact that organic food contains no added chemicals, non-organic consumers say it isn't worth the extra dollar.

On the contrary, organic buyers claim that they don't want to risk any uncertainty in their health by eating non-organic. There have been studies that have shown children to be most vulnerable to risks in non-organic foods. These days, no parent wants to put their child in danger, so just to make sure, they buy organic foods for their kids. Even for adults, the long-term affects remain questionable. Organic consumers believe that by buying organic they are provided with a sense of safety. Regardless of whether or not non-organic foods have a link to disease, you at least know that if you buy organic, it's safe for sure.

Why risk it? Both non-organic and organic food customers have many different points of views. All in all, non-organic food is cheaper, but leads to an uncertainty in health.

Conventional Food Essay

Even though the relation is not quite proven, organic food would definitely be safer. Whether or not to buy organic or non-organic fully depends on your lifestyle and who you are. Which of your works would you like to tell your friends about? These links will automatically appear in your email. If you have a suggestion about this website or are experiencing a problem with it, or if you need to report abuse on the site, please let us know. We try to make TeenInk.

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Ifeyinwa Achike and Professor C. For some years now, I have received tremendous support and cooperation from the staff and Associate Fellows of the African Institute for Applied. Wal-Mart Stores Inc. Why Do We Brand? Processed Food How important is the food that the averages person puts into their bodies every day? Eating is a way of making peace, passing the time, sharing friendships, and having a communion. How has it changed? Americans have gone from eating hunter-gatherer style organic greens and fruits, to severely processed sugars, carbohydrates, and high protein meats.

Consuming fresh vegetables, fruits, and other items grown naturally without any preservatives is what the body naturally expects. An organic diet usually results in a trimmer and more energetic body and mind set. Fast food may appear to be cheap food and, in the literal sense it often is, but that is because huge social and environmental costs are being excluded from the calculations. Taylor 3 Any analysis of the real cost would have to look at such things as the rise in food-borne illnesses, the advent of new pathogens, such as E. But for what? Why you should buy conventional food over their organic counterparts because the advantages of organic produce is miniscule or could actually hurt you.

One major factor between buying organic food and conventional food is cost efficiency, what you are getting out of those cucumbers for the extra dollar. This is the a way the industry can attract people to buy because people think if it is more expensive it will be better for you. But on the other hand when you are looking for the cheaper produce you are always going to buy conventional food because they are easiest to make and therefor the cheapest.

These conventional foods are in return the most pesticidal foods out there. Pillsbury, n. Organic food is grown without the use of pesticides which to society are seen as a bad thing.

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Without the pesticides these crops are more vulnerable to the environment causing many problems with losing plants. They could be eaten or rot away without these preservatives. Another problem is if pesticides are added to a crop field upwind these pesticides can be contaminated down to make these crops not even organic in the first place so you would end up paying the extra money for the same thing.

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Another problem is how worth these price increases are towards the consumer. With organic food these prices are not worth the produce in the long run according to a US News article.

Organic Food vs. Non-Organic Food | Teen Ink

These organic foods are often construed as more nutritious to eat. That is often why they are bought because of this misconception. With these organic foods that is not possible. How can conventional spinach be less nutritious than organic spinach with no additives? How can some people actually believe that? They have the same nutritional value because they are the same plant. If it were anyway sided it would make more logical sense that the conventional spinach would have more nutrients if the pesticides had any sort of nutritional value. These organic foods are not more nutrient nutritious and it has been tested many times.

Organic produce is seen as better for you, but what does better mean to people? Nutritionally better?

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Priced better? Also included in that article listed above is the fact that there are different ranges of organic produce. The industry is not lying to you. The industry is just not telling the whole truth. How can you trust any of these companies for these labels?

This is the problem. Some ways they can trick you into paying extra for your produce is to label them as natural. These natural labels make you think that they are grown naturally without the use of pesticides when they really are not. Some people may argue that these organic produces are better because they are better for the environment. Based on research i have seen many articles about how impactful pesticides are on the environment and this is not a good thing. Organic farming practices are designed to benefit the environment by reducing pollution and conserving water and soil quality. This statement is a very valid point if you want to protect our environment, if you want to help the world organic produce is a way.

When it rains it can wash off some of the pesticides and these pesticides can runoff into the soil and cause the soil to be dangerous. If the soil were to erode into a large water source it could render that water source useless. Or it could be dangerous to the fish which have had side effects from consuming pesticides. When animals eat pesticides the pesticides are passed through the animal that eats them. These are bad environmental damages that conventional produce have on the environment. Along with the rain causing runoff wind can take pesticides to other crop fields these can make organic crops not organic anymore.

There have been many studies on Genetically Modified Organisms.