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Click here for more details. If you are experiencing some problem submitting your material, you can go through this link and submit a paper in a simplified manner. Th17 and regulatory T Treg cells are integral in maintaining immune homeostasis and Th17— Treg imbalance has been associated with inflammatory immunosuppression in cancer.

Read Paper. The coral reef ecosystem is a collection of diverse species that interact with each other and with the physical environment.

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  5. Traditional knowledge refers to the knowledge accumulated over the years and transmitted through generations over time Martin, For some communities the only resource available for health disorders is the traditional phytotherapy Forero, Due to municipal water restrictions lasting three growing seasons, classical genetic allelism testing was not practical. Instead a molecular approach was pursued in an attempt to verify the Chitosan membranes with a photosensitizer incorporated were developed for the photoinactivation of bacteria in drinking water.

    The photosensitizers incorporated into chitosan membranes were methylene blue, rose Bengal and two porphyrins: 5,10,15,tetrakis p-aminophenyl - porphyrin p-TAPP and meso-tetrakis 4-N-metylpyridyl - porphyrin TMPyP. Biological Activity Studies of Sansevieria hyacinthoides Extracts. How Does Universal Gravitation Arise.

    Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences

    View all articles. Authors: Aysel Sivaci and Sevcan Duman. Most accessed articles RSS. An electronic archive of articles published between and can be found in the SciELO database.

    Research Journal of Biological Sciences (12222 Volume 14)

    To find more information on research funders and institutions worldwide that fund open access article-processing charges APCs visit this page. His research has focused on the biogenesis of cellular organelles, particularly peroxisomes. A pioneer in this field, his research lead him to discover a new type of human genetic disease, the peroxisomal biogenesis disorders, which include Zellweger Syndrome. The Chilean Biology Society promotes theoretical and experimental studies and research leading to advancement in and dissemination of the biological sciences for the benefit of the community.

    To accomplish this, the Society organizes periodic scientific meetings in which scientists communicate, comment and discuss research carried out in Chilean or foreign research laboratories.

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    In addition, relations and cooperation with similar domestic and foreign institutions are stimulated, and communication by all appropriate means of biological research carried out in Chile. Members of the Society will receive a discount on Biological Research 's article-processing charge when they provide a discount code which members can obtain by emailing the Society during the submission process.

    Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences

    Skip to main content Advertisement. Search all BMC articles Search. Featured collection: Selected articles from Biological Research for the meeting of the Chilean Biology Society To coincide with the Chilean Society of Biology Annual Meeting November , Biological Research has published this collection which highlights the top cited and top accessed articles in the journal in