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Remember, though, that if you copy an paste paragraphs from other documments, you will bring the page setup with them and the setup will be the same as the original file, not the one you download from these pages.

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Word set up the pages based on the installed printers in your system. So if your printer can not handle 19x27 cm y el 17x24 cm, even though you can open them, Word will chage the layout without asking you.

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Some printers allow to define personalized sizes, so you may need to define them first. In book design , like in art or fashion, there are no right or wrong.

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It is a free art and so there are things that like to us or do not like to us. Layout, that ultimately is design, every margin , every font , every color combination, Technically speaking, the design of your thesis do not affect at all to print it.

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Word templates size A4 that have non symetric margins: 3cm inside y 2,5 outside. Numbering is done on the footer, in the outside and whtihin the margins. Word template A4 ; non symetric margins; numbering is done on the footer. Word templates size 19x27 cm that have non symetric margins: 3cm inside y 2,5 outside. Word template 19x27 cm ; non symetric margins; numbering is done on the footer.

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Word templates size 17x24 cm that have non symetric margins: 3cm inside y 2,5 outside. Word template 17x24 cm ; non symetric margins; numbering is done on the footer. It is very important the design and layou of your thesis The cover is the first sight of your thesis Toggle navigation. Who we are at tesisdoctoral. PhD Thesis printing Random sample of a PhD Thesis To the right of this text above on mobiles shows an random example of a PHD Thesis cover among the thousands that we have make all through the years to PhD students who followed the instructions provided below.

To simplify, we are going to cover 3 types of paper for PhD Thesis, those regularly requested by PhD students: Normal Paper : it is the regular paper that we use in our laser printers. Prior to the advent of wood-based paper in the 19th century, virtually all paper was made of linen or cotton.

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The copies of the thesis that will be going to the adviser and the student are not subject to the same stringent regulations as those going to the archive. Although some students choose to have these printed on archival-quality paper as well, the cost is higher, and normal paper will certainly last longer than the student's lifetime if it is kept away from water.

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Jagg Xaxx has been writing since His primary areas of writing include surrealism, Buddhist iconography and environmental issues. Xaxx worked as a cabinetmaker for 12 years, as well as building and renovating several houses. The database based on Word Net is a lexical database for the English Language.

Covered usually with a library buckram book cloth, lots of colours are available. The cover is trimmed flush with the internal pages. With hard binding, the rigid cover extends further than the internal pages, just like a hard-back book.

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Usually available while-you-wait. Perfect binding. This is the same binding style as a paperback book i. A map is available here.