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FULL FILM: A Reading of the Letter from Birmingham Jail

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Martin Luther King I Have a Dream Essay

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A lot of what was covered above may still seem abstract and complicated. To illustrate how diverse kinds of texts have their own rhetorical situations, consider the following examples. First, consider Dr. Because this speech is famous, it should be very easy to identify the basic elements of its particular rhetorical situation. The text in question is a minute speech written and delivered by Dr.

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The basic medium of the text was an oral speech that was broadcast by both loudspeakers at the event and over radio and television. King drew on years of training as a minister and public speaker to deliver the speech. He also drew on his extensive education and the tumultuous history of racial prejudices and civil rights in the US.

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  • Audiences at the time either heard his speech in person or over radio or television broadcasts. Martin Luther King, Jr.

    I Have a Dream by Martin Luther King

    He was an African-American Baptist minister and prominent civil rights activist who campaigned to end segregation and racial discrimination. He gained inspiration from Howard Thurman and Mahatma Gandhi, and he drew extensively from a deep, rich cultural tradition of African-American Christian spiritualism.

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    In one sense, the audience consisted of the , or so people who listened to Dr.