Same sex marriage in usa essay

Hundreds of protesters converged, inspiring activist groups. As part of their advocacy work, members contact government representatives to push for changes, such as laws to prevent hate crimes. The Human Rights Campaign has a long track record. Since , its more than 1. In , the campaign welcomed its first two global engagement fellows, young activists from outside the U.

Adam said there will be more work for gay-rights activists ahead. This article was written by freelance writer Sharon Jacobs. Pompeo on religious freedom: The world must hear the truth. How the U. Or almost all.

Should Same-sex Marriage be Legalized?

Top of the list are the Na, a matrilineal tribe of farmers in southwest China near the Burmese border. The Na appear to be singular in their strong preference for avoiding marriage altogether.

Libertarian Views on Same-Sex Marriage

Na are perfectly familiar with marriage but regard it as an inferior expedient for lineages on the verge of dying out. And indeed it is not.

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Human societies can with difficulty do without marriage. They can also bend, stretch, redefine, and repurpose marriage in a bewildering variety of ways. That question, left hanging, may be the end of the matter. It clearly was for Judge Vaughn Walker in the Proposition 8 case. Certainly there is no law of nature that prevents humans from trying to create a social order based on a conception of marriage that includes same-sex couples. But there are other questions that are also left hanging. The view from classic social anthropology is that the family reproduces itself.

It is a view ironically shared by many anti-family feminists and queer theorists. Girls and boys learn to be mothers and fathers by growing up as daughters and sons. We are from the start—from the moment of birth—caught in a web of kinship. And the strands of that web are woven of sexual complementarity. The family in turn is part of the wider reciprocity created and continually recreated by the marriages that connect us with wider circles of kin.

When we learned to live on bases other than hunting and gathering, these arrangements came with us and they have not—at least until now—faced an existential challenge. Contemporary empirical studies like the one by Hill and Walker continue to deepen the picture of how fundamental sexual complementarity, pair bonding based on it, and the links created by marriage have been to human flourishing.

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Perhaps we have reached a point of social organization where we can discard these principles like an old set of training wheels and discover a giddy new freedom to arrange ourselves in unprecedented ways. The ethnographic record contrary to Eskridge and others supplies no real evidence that any society has succeeded at this venture prior to the experiment now underway in Western Europe, Canada, the United States, and a few other places.

There are plenty of instances of societies more relaxed about homosexuality than the West has been until recently , but the proposal to redefine marriage as sex-neutral really is a radical departure. If not, not. The argument that we should indeed weigh the ethnographic record, however, comes not from cranky conservatives but from gay marriage advocates themselves. It is clearly possible to create social order without marriage and invent institutions that perpetuate themselves on bases other than familiar reproduction.

Will same-sex marriage fit itself to that pattern or undermine it?

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But there are pretty powerful reasons for thinking that marriage really does have a core function underneath all that variety and historical contingency. In simplest terms, marriage organizes human sexuality in a manner that gives rise not just to stable pair-bonds, but to broader ties of kinship. The people in those hunter-gatherer bands who are not parents and children or siblings to one another are almost all in-laws, cousins and uncles and aunts of various degrees—and they know it.

But even in the atomized West, marriage also remains profoundly a matter of sexual complementarity within family ties. The differences between fathers and mothers are, contra Eskridge, essential, and they extend outward to other relatives and inward to the child. For that matter, I am not clear that we can now stop ourselves from carrying this radical change forward.

Support from outside the LGBTI community

But I am not optimistic about the consequences. It looks to me that we are turning away from something basic in the way human societies organize themselves. In the hope of achieving a greater equality we may put at risk the means by which the rough kind of equality and cooperation became possible in the first place.

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Debating Same-Sex Marriage

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