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Evidence suggests that the private sector can carry out transportation activities more cheaply than the public sector can.

Many experiments with the private sector have been motivated by huge subsidy increases or evident inefficiency of public sector operations. In most instances, some sort of regulation is needed to offset the market power that can accompany privatization.

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Success depends on the specifics of the situation and the details of any accompanying regulatory or franchising arrangements. Urban transportation has historically had a dramatic influence on land-use patterns. Following World War II, widespread construction of express highways had a similar but even stronger effect, especially in the United States, causing development to spread more ubiquitously because automobiles relaxed the need for proximity to a transit line.

These developments provided many desired amenities to residents, but also created problems. Urban transportation is a vital part of economic activity and responds to well-designed economic policies. Much can be accomplished to improve urban life by using our basic knowledge of economic incentives.

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Kenneth A. Small, research professor and professor emeritus of economics at the University of California at Irvine, specializes in urban, transportation, and environmental economics—especially highway congestion, air pollution from motor vehicles, and travel demand. Professor Small was a coeditor of the international journal Urban Studies for five years and is now associate editor of Transportation Research B.

Footnotes 1. Robert W. Poole Jr. Urban Transportation By Kenneth A. About the Author Kenneth A.

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Washington, D. Insightful description and analysis of the political changes behind the extraordinary increase in costs of the large U.

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    Meyer, John R. Autos, Transit, and Cities. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, A thorough analysis of urban transportation policy for an educated lay audience. National Research Council. Full report by a study panel on congestion pricing. Volume 1 is the report, aimed at a general audience; volume 2 is a collection of commissioned papers.

    Pickrell, Don H. Decomposes the dramatic increase in U. At present, we have several varieties of each kind of mans of transport, such as cars, trains, aeroplanes, boats, ships, etc. These means of transport are used to carry passengers and some of them for carrying loads. However, they or some of them are also used for war-purposes which should be discarded. Essay No. SMS Greetings. The system of sending greetings to friends and relatives on various occasions such as festivals, birthdays, marriage anniversaries, new year, etc.

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    In present times, this sending of cards costs a lot. The greeting , card is quite a costly item and, besides, the postal charges. As reported, apart from young customers and IT guys, even the public relations companies, corporate sector, armymen and millions of cellular users all over the country used their handsets to convey their best wishes and greetings to their relatives, friends and clients.

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    Bottom trawling is a fishing practice that consists in dragging nets across the ocean floor, often destroying entire ecosystems sometimes containing species which had not even been discovered yet. If this practice were to go unregulated, it would have huge consequences on maritime food chains causing some species of edible fish, such as cod, to disappear. Due to rough environmental conditions in the Arctic, spills are three times as likely to occur than in temperate waters. Three billion barrels are spilled in the Arctic every year.

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